Dr. Mike Hendricks of Watertown Fat Loss

Dr Mike Hendricks


After years of seeing people try and fail at losing weight, he knew he needed something different. Offering clients one-on-one support, DNA testing, and the ability to regain control of their helath by eating real food, Watertown Weight Loss Center has been able to give control back to those they help. Not only do out clients lose weight, but they have the tools to keep it off forever. Patients are truly adding years to their lives.

Dr Landra Lapka


She is passionate about helping you reach your weight loss goals. She knows the impact a healthy lifestyle can have and the importance of improving your health through the foods you eat. She enjoys helping clients through their weight loss journey and watching them take back control of their lives.

Dr. Landra Lapka of Watertown Weightloss
Megan, Fat Loss Advocate at Watertown Fat Loss


Fat Loss Advocate

Megan is the powerhouse behind Watertown Weight Loss Center. She loves empowering her clients on their weigh loss journey and being able to provide support for each individual. She has seen so many people's lives transformed for the better and enjoys being a part of it. She loves seeing peoples transformations and the reactions they have to their progress photos.